The Project

A large cuckoo clock projected on a building during the 2014 Jerusalem Light Festival, portraying the inner mechanisms of the clock and how it keeps track of time.

The Challenge

Near the Jaffa Gate leading into the Old City of Jerusalem, there is a famous building named “The Christian Information Centre”. During the 2014 Jerusalem Light Festival, we turned the building's façade into a huge colorful cuckoo clock where visitors could also view the clock's mechanism from the inside. Once every minute, a cuckoo bird would emerge from the clock's face, to help keep time. Toy soldiers and other figures would emerge and then disappear through doors, marching according to the seconds.

The Experience

The annual Jerusalem Light Festival hosts thousands of visitors each night for a week during the summer and portrays the works of leading light artists and designers from Israel and around the world.
AVS is proud to take part in this festival, which brings together people from all over the world into the timeless city of Jerusalem to witness amazing works of art using light in all its forms.

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