The Project

A first and historic event in Times Square New York, marking Israel's 70th anniversary of independence.

The challenge

We wanted to convey the State of Israel's positive story to the thousands of visitors in Times Square, as well as to millions of viewers and followers on the social networks so that they will all sense a powerful and moving experience, wherever they are.
All this while dealing with the technological complexity of operation and broadcasting on a large number of huge screens simultaneously.

The experience

Dozens of giant screens, symbolizing more than anything the famous square, simultaneously displayed the story of the State of Israel in a spectacular multimedia event: heritage and innovation, state declaration, technological entrepreneurship, a warm friendship between Israel and the US, past, present, and future...
On that memorable night, thousands of participants sang and danced to the music of DJs, and the colorful Times Square wore blue and white and spoke to everyone in "fluent Israeli".

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