The Project

The huge show that opened the event celebrating 50 years of the liberation and unification of the city of Jerusalem. A multimedia project on a scale never seen before in Israel.

The challenge

To tell the story of Jerusalem's exciting liberation during the Six-Day War and the reunification of Israel's capital.

The experience

We turned 300 meters of Jerusalem's Old City walls into the most spectacular multimedia show ever seen in Israel, which included huge screens, visual content, lighting, artists and special effects.
The climax of the show was an incredible tour de force of 100 drones fitted with LED lights, which took to the sky and were controlled to perform in total synchronization to create various symbols of Jerusalem.
Some 60,000 Jerusalem lovers who took part in the event and the hundreds of thousands of viewers on TV were excited by the intensity of the combined performance, which enveloped them with a sense of supreme pride.
That night they experienced an event you see only once in a jubilee!

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