The Project

"Fields of Tomorrow” was created in order to emphasize and promote Israel’s technological strength in agriculture, at the Milan Expo 2015.

The Challenge

At a global event of such large scale, countries pull out all the stops in order to awe visitors and attract them to their pavilions. With the world searching for solutions to the growing problem of feeding more and more people, we needed to illustrate Israel's technological advancements in agriculture based on creating an icon that symbolized the Israeli contribution for “Feeding the Planet”.

The Experience

“Fields of Tomorrow” was an extraordinary visual experience that took visitors on a journey toward the future of humanity. The main structure at the expo was based on a huge vertical and real field, combining different species of crops. The field was merged with a large LED screen depicting a digital "field", showing the technology behind the crops. The entire structure was built of 100% recycled materials, in accordance with the regulations of green architecture. Inside the pavilion, visitors enjoyed two multimedia experiences telling the story of the Israeli technological contribution to feeding the world, while providing a deep look into the development of agricultural technology in Israel.

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