The Project

The Israeli pavilion at Astana, Kazakhstan Expo 2017.

The Challenge

The expo's theme was "Future Energy", and aimed to create a global debate on the crucial question: "How to ensure safe and sustainable access to energy while reducing CO2 emissions?" As a global event, we strived to boast Israel's contribution and creativity in the field of renewable energy and leave a positive impression on visitors.

The Experience

As the visitors entered the pavilion they passed through an atrium designed as an infinity room. The sense of infinity was achieved using mirrored walls as well as hundreds of synchronized LED balls which hung from the ceiling.

In the pavilion’s central space, a dancer performed with animations projected on translucent screens all around the stage. The story of Israel’s powerful creativity in the production of tomorrow's energy was told through a unique artistic performance, incorporating choreography and video synchronized dialogue.
The pavilion won the Best Presentation award, presented by EXHIBITOR Magazine.

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