The Project

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has selected AVS to design, construct, create the visitor experience and manage the Israel Pavilion at The World Expo 2020 in Dubai. The expo's theme was "Connecting Minds, Creating the Future.

The Challenge

Create and produce the first Israel pavilion in an Arab country that will engage visitors from the UAE and worldwide. In August 2019, peace between Israel and the UAE was a distant dream when we started working on this project. As a global event, we strived to boast Israel's contribution to creating the future.  

Tomorrow ~ אל המחר ~ نحو الغد

"For indeed, we are different,
But differences make us strong.
Indeed, we all play different chords,
But isn't that what makes a song?"

The experience

The Pavilion was built as an open space with no walls and borders. The design reflected Israel's sense of belonging to the region and its openness to its Arab neighbors.

It is inspired by the desert dunes typical of Israel and the Emirates. The dunes were arched by seven large gates made of LED screens on which we featured a spectacular video presentation about Israel. The gates symbolized the growth and development that Israel has had, with innovation and a bubbling society that grew from the dunes.

A sign stating "Towards Tomorrow," written in a unique visual language that combines Arabic and Hebrew letters, welcomed our guests.   Reflected the idea that many things can separate people, but "tomorrow" and the thought of a joint future, has the power to connect us. By connecting minds and uniting forces, we can create a better future for all of humanity.

A 360-degree immersive show on a 250SQM screen in the main hall presented the Israeli innovation for a better future, including the challenges of our time in medicine and healthcare, food production and agriculture, communication and space, and many other critical aspects of human life.

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