The Project

The Mobileye booth at CES 2023, Las Vegas.

Mobileye is the global leader in AV technology and is leading the evolution to fully autonomous driving.

The Challenge

Just a few years ago, AV was still a vision. Mobileye has progressed beyond the vision, made it a reality, and is at the stage of presenting evidence.

Our challenge was to express this visually and to effectively communicate that Mobileye is leading the evolution to the fully autonomous driving future and that Mobileye is a leader in AV technology.

The Experience

The booth included several sections, and the structure design was created both open and closed. In the center, we built a giant cube and created a spectacular 3D experience that grabbed a lot of attention. Inside the cube, we displayed a “Hero” movie that gave the viewers the feeling that they were stepping into the AV reality, backed up by evidence of Mobileye’s superiority.

The demo areas with the vehicles and interactive experiences completed the attractive visitor experience. The overall look gave the impression of leading - edge, power, innovation, and prestige.

Mobilye’s booth at CES 2023 was one of the most attractive booths. The hundreds of visitors every day voted with their feet.

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