The Project

Carmei-Gat residential suburban project built by Gindi, one of Israel's leading real estate companies.

The Challenge

At the Carmei-Gat sales office, besides the obvious challenges of marketing homes in a new project, Gindi faced the challenge of introducing the soon-to-be new suburban city in the south of Israel.

The Experience

In order to connect potential buyers with a still unfamiliar location, Gindi chose to use as many illustration tools and models as possible. Inside the sales office, customers were met by a large LED screen displaying information regarding the company as well as details regarding the project itself. It included two designed touch tables set up in the waiting area, a movie screening room, an interactive map room and a touch screen in every office. Wherever customers turned they were able to engage with interesting content and get acquainted faster with Gindi and the Carmei-Gat project.

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