The Project

"i-Digital" - a concept store displaying a range of leisure products, lifestyle and advanced technological services designed for the "smart home".

The challenge

The chain's stores are located in Israel's largest malls, where a huge amount of shoppers pass throughout the day. Our main goal was to capture our customers' attention by creating a prominent store with an attractive and alluring design.

The experience

At the entrance to the stores, we created an intriguing "digital gate" that invites you into a hi-tech designed space and a promise of an extraordinary experience. Inside the shop, visitors can interact with touch screens and an experiential sales app that we developed, as well as VR glasses. Who invited them to discover the worlds of the "smart home" in an accessible and realistic way, suited to their personal needs. The thousands of visitors entering the chain's stores every day prove that even in the virtual world, there are real successes.

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