The Project

"Opening a Door to Israel" - a traveling international exhibition commissioned by the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which gave residents of cities around the world an original and intriguing "glimpse" of "The Other Israel".

The challenge

Israel and its residents are known to the world mainly from the geopolitical and military aspects. The aim of the exhibition was to "lock" the existing perceptions in one corner of the visitors' minds, and open a door to a young, vibrant, inviting and fascinating Israel. An Israel they've never seen before on their TV or computer screen.

The experience

Behind each door, visitors were exposed to a different side of Israel: video and interactive screens presented Israeli culture and art, the country's unique landscapes, its amazing beaches, its warm and engaging residents, Israeli entrepreneurship and technology. In the second part of the exhibition, visitors were invited to a unique show of Israeli innovation, presented by a robotic arm holding a screen, which responded with complete choreography to content screened simultaneously on a huge screen in the background.

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