The Project

"The Peres Center for Peace and Innovation" - the "showcase" of Israeli innovation that reflects the legacy of the late President Shimon Peres, world-renowned statesman and Nobel Peace Prize laureate.

The Challenge

"Innovation" by its very nature, is a world that is constantly renewed and updated. Therefore, we were required to plan a center that would remain intriguing and innovative over the years, and would display the essence of Israeli creative thinking in the most surprising way.

The Experience

The four floors of the Center relate - together and separately - the story of transforming Israel from a small country into a global innovation powerhouse, the contribution of Israeli innovation to the world and future developments. All this was done through advanced technological displays and interactive platforms.
The spaces designed in an eclectic approach host exhibitions that change throughout the year, keeping the concept of innovation relevant for its many visitors from Israel and around the world.

The innovation center project in collaboration with AVS and "The industry"

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