The Project

Renovation of the visitor’s center at the Tel Megiddo National Park, one of the most important tells (archeological mounds) in Israel.

The site’s combination of nature, archeological finds and Biblical history draws in visitors from around the world. 

The Challenge

To tell the story of the Biblical history of the site, from the thriving kingdom of King David, via King Solomon, Josiah and the varied kingdoms of Israel;

to introduce visitors to history from Old Testament, archaeological and New Testament perspectives.

The Experience

The renovated visitor’s center displays the history of the site as an interactive and enjoyable experience, with videos and models that bring historical figures – and even the region’s geography – to life. We employed innovative technologies to display historical artifacts that tell the site’s history.

The centerpiece is the “model room”, which projects simulations of life on the mound across the centuries onto a model of the mound itself. 

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